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The Best Sports to Play in your Backyard...

Do you have that wide backyard space that you haven’t utilized yet? If you are into some exciting sports, do you know that you can make use of your backyard to become a good sporting ground? Yes, you can absolutely bring your own favorite sports...

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The Best Sports to Play in your Backyard

Posted by on Aug 15, 2016 in Sport | Comments Off on The Best Sports to Play in your Backyard

backyard play

Do you have that wide backyard space that you haven’t utilized yet? If you are into some exciting sports, do you know that you can make use of your backyard to become a good sporting ground? Yes, you can absolutely bring your own favorite sports near your home.

The Thebackyardsite.com provides interesting ideas about how to make use of your backyard. It gives great idea how you can transform your backyard into something useful. Converting your own backyard into a sporting location should not be as hard as you think it is.  Although you might need to go through some series of building and constructing, it will be worth the effort if you’ll get to play some best sports that you love in the backyard.

Making use of the Backyard

Depending on the kind of sports that you are into, you’ll definitely have a great way to make use your own backyard. There are a lot of sporting activities that can be done in the backyard. In converting the backyard into a playing ground, you’ll have to consider several things.

First is your choice of sport. Whether you are into baseball, football or even basketball, you need to make sure that the total backyard area is enough. With whatever sport you’re in, you really need a good playing field. Thus, you will need a certain measure of area to be able to play the game right. If your backyard area is not enough, then you probably need to scrape the idea of playing in the backyard.

It is also important that you keep the entire area clear and properly flatten out. There will be tons of running that would take place. In that matter, you need to make sure that you even out the ground, away from stone, sharp debris, etc. it’s always about safety.

Best Sports to Play

There are a lot of sports that you can play in your backyard. Here are some that you might want to consider.

Baseball.  This is one of the most common sports that can be played in the backyard. Although backyard baseball isn’t very similar to the actual baseball professional games, because it doesn’t involved too much running on the field, but it’s absolutely fun.

backyard play2Basketball. Of course you don’t need to have that wide basketball court at home. But you can set up a half court area. It’s perfect for the entire family to enjoy playing the basketball game in just a limited area, more challenging and exciting.

Football.  Another perfect sport that you can consider playing at home in the backyard. You can convert your backyard into a great football field, probably quite smaller than the one used by professional football players. You can always setup a goal area in the corner.

There are other sports that can be played in the backyard. Sports that doesn’t require too much area such as badminton, ping pong or even volleyball. All you need to think about is how to set up the area to accommodate the play. Make a good plan in building your backyard into a great sporting area.


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Why Boxing is Becoming a Less Popular Sport

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Why Boxing is Becoming a Less Popular Sport

Why Was Boxing Once Great?


Historically, boxing has been one of the most popular sports on a global scale. It was one of the five original sports at the Ancient Olympic Games in Greece, and has held true through the test of time.

During the modern era when sports science began to gain some traction, the sport of boxing became increasingly popular, and from a spectator’s point of view, it was also immensely impressive. Thinking back to the days of Jack Dempsey when sports science wasn’t very popular, all the way into what I would consider boxing’s prime – the Mike Tyson era.

Even more recently, boxing has still been extremely popular, with one of the last classic fights being Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Oscar De Ha Hoya which Mayweather won in a decision (typical). It seemed like boxing couldn’t be stopped, but as the athletes developed over time and boxing strategies began to shift, things changed. Furthermore, money has remained abundant in boxing, which doesn’t help the more recent issues that we will describe below.

Recreational Boxing?

One of the reasons it is so frustrating for me to see a decline in the popularity of boxing is because it will mean less participants overall, especially on the recreational level. Most people don’t even think about boxing when pondering exercise options, and this is largely because of the declining popularity. I have been fortunate enough to become involved in boxing recreationally, and not only is it the best workout I have ever participated in, it’s really fun and a great social atmosphere. Moreover, it’s really cheap and accessible. All you really need are a good pair of boxing gloves, and even for gyms, items like speed bags and heavy bags can be very affordable, allowing them to decrease the cost of memberships. If you are interested in boxing-style training, we would recommend KO Boxing Gloves as a good resource to get started.

Is Boxing Suffering Now?

In our opinion, definitely. Think about the last time you heard anyone talking about an upcoming boxing match. It was probably Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, which was marketed as the “Fight of the Century”. While this was fairly recent, it was a long time before this fight that anyone cared about an upcoming bout, and since then there have been no popular matches.

So why the decrease in popularity? In our opinion, it’s simply a matter of the boxers becoming more elite and shifting their strategies away from an exciting style of boxing to a more low-risk style that may be more likely to end up in a win. Remember, there is still lots of money in play in the sport of boxing, so you can’t blame the boxers for favoring defense over exciting offense, especially if it means winning. At the end of the day, a win is a win.

However, while the athletes have changed, the sport hasn’t. It’s one of the few subjectively judged sports remaining, and far too often matches will now go to a decision. Judges don’t have replays, and if they don’t have a great view/angle for a few seconds they may miss some important punches that could shift the decision of a fight.

So while two boxers practicing defense in the ring isn’t at all exciting, there’s no reason for them to change their style if unless they are somehow encouraged or required to. We feel that boxing needs to change on the fundamental level of judging. If the sport needs to be more exciting in order to be popular, then there should be a stronger emphasis on aggression and offense in a match. Simply put, if boxers are rewarded for offense, they will throw more punches. But right now they receive more substantial reward from exceptional defense, and while defense should be a key component to any sport, perhaps less emphasis should be placed on defense when determining a decision.

Final Notes

We hope that by reading this article you are slightly more enlightened about the sport of boxing. It’s not a boring sport especially if you are involved, but it’s beginning to turn that way due to resistance to change. Hopefully we will soon see some changes to the rules and judging format, but until then, we encourage those who are interested in boxing, either from a participating standpoint or spectating standpoint, to persevere and give it shot.

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How Celebrity Endorsements Help Sell Fitness Equipment

Posted by on Feb 9, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How Celebrity Endorsements Help Sell Fitness Equipment

When one reads about the enormous digits that move around the sports media, one cannot help but be amazed.  It seems like there are huge amounts of money moving around sports celebrities as they become a voice authority that taps into people’s will.  Today´s sport is so mediatic and as more and  more athletes reach the peak of fame, companies see an opportunity to increase their revenues.


But, do these endorsements really work?  You just have to sit and check out how Oprah made $12 million from one tweet and see that it actually does.  This is the type of leverage companies are looking after.  Celebrities are leaders who start trends and turn tides.  They have the ability to influence people in their way of dressing, behaving, even talking and thinking. So, it is no surprise that celebrity endorsements can help sell fitness equipment.

But this does not come easy.  Or cheap.  As mentioned before, there are millions of dollars involved.  Having Peyton Manning say he was going out to celebrate the Super Bowl drinking this brand of beer probably earned him a couple million.  Then, you had a lot of more people go out there and celebrate with the same brand Manning drinks to celebrate.

Celebrity endorsements for fitness go a long way when they come from a sports celebrity.  This is mainly because they represent the standard of being fit and in great health.  If this athlete claims that he owes his great shape to the consumption of this product, people will go after that.  When a sports celebrity names a brand of fitness equipment, there is a very high chance of having more sales of such brand.  Therefore, fitness gear companies will take hand of these endorsements and are willing to pay the millions they do.  The revenue they get from these endorsements allows them to pay such amounts.  This has to mean that they are highly effective.

Celebrities that have a fitness program and follow it usually include foam rollers in them.  When one of these celebrities decides to endorse the benefits of a foam roller, they will most definitively increase the sales of such product.

Having celebrities endorse fitness equipment has plenty benefits.  According to studies, people are more likely to remember a brand from an ad that included a celebrity.  This is due to the connection the audience establishes with this person.  But the most important benefit obtained from celebrity endorsements is that it links the product with a skill from the celebrity.  In this case, a sports celebrity will always be linked with fitness gear.  The connection here is pretty obvious.  In order for this successful athlete to have the skills he or she has, they use this particular gear.  This generates people wanting to purchase the product in an attempt to match their hero’s skill.

There are cases where celebrities can actually cause the revenues of a brand to plummet and this is one risk companies know about.  For instance, if a celebrity is known for endorsing a particular brand of fitness equipment and falls into disgrace, it will usually bring down the brand they are endorsing with them.

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How Paddleboarding is Becoming A More Popular Sport

Posted by on Dec 28, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How Paddleboarding is Becoming A More Popular Sport

You can think of paddleboarding as a combination of surfing and kayaking. Except that instead of spending hours training for surfing, paddleboarding is fairly easy.  About kayaking, well that is one thing that has ever been know for being difficult. As a matter of fact, you might do pretty well on your first try on paddleboarding. This is only one of the reasons why paddleboarding has become a more popular sport.

Want another reason, it is a great workout for your arms and core. Besides this, paddleboarding is actually pretty fun. The sport originated in Hawaii and has become increasingly popular with time. Since it requires a lake with calm waters, it is better practiced during summer. Ome could think that the sport is difficult to practice in those places where winters are harsh. Well, that is no problem at all. Many entrepreneurs are opening water parks in very cold places where the sport can be practiced indoors. They are basically trying to bring the sport everywhere they can.

So there you have it: paddleboarding is easy to practice and it provides a tremendous workout.

Did we mention it was fun? Oh yes, it is loaded with fun! You can very peacefully get on top of one and go sight-seeing through a lake, a canal, or a calm river. You are guaranteed a great experience.

So, the main idea of SUP (standing paddleboarding) is not really new. It is thought that this was a way of transportation for ancient Hawaiians. Recently, it was started in Hawaii by locals and take it everywhere by tourists. Now, many people around the world are enjoying the fun brought up by this surprisingly fun sport. It might look like simply paddling with a row while standing on a paddleboard, but you need to try it by yourself.

Today, a paddleboarder can be seen in every coastline, lake, or river in more and more places. You might even find yoga groups on their boards while performing their SUP for Yoga routines. It is used as a relaxation therapy and as a great workout.

All this has happened in only four years. Can you imagine what the sport is going to look like in the years to come? We might even see some World Paddleboarding Competitions taking place and smaller ones at every resort.

The ease of performance, the low price of the materials involved, and the fun, all have helped to make this a very popular sport which is increasing with popularity with every passing day.

If you want to join the craze, make sure you get the best equipment to guarantee your lasting fun and safety.  Enjoy!

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How to Prevent Sports Injuries

Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in Choose Sport For You, Sport | Comments Off on How to Prevent Sports Injuries

There are two possible main reasons why sports injuries occur. First, an accident happens without notice. Second is as a result of lack of training or not wearing the right gears.  Since we really can’t predict when and where an accident might happen, we need to find other ways to prevent sports injuries from happening.


In whatever sports you’re playing, the possibility of injury varies. It depends on how intense you play and what part of the body you’re using much. Whether you’re playing basketball, soccer or swimming, here are some of the tips that might help you to stay away from getting into injuries.

Effective Ways to Follow


Warm Up.

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make. Some people are so confident about their own fitness and skills. Thus, they don’t bother much in doing the proper warm up routines and ended up getting an injury. A 5 to 10 minute warm up will help increase a better flow of blood, stretches your muscles and gives your body a good preparation.

Protective Gears.

Several sports require the use of the many different protective gears to protect the body when getting in contact with other players. Protective gears like the helmet, gloves, shin pads and even knee pads are the most common one used. Wearing these gears and equipment will lessen the possibility of injuries. Or it will minimize the effects of bumps and knocks.


As an athlete or the person playing the sport, you definitely know your limits. Do not push yourself too much. If you feel that your body is on the bridge of losing control, stop and take some rest. Pushing your body to its limits might eventually lead to a more serious injury.

Know the Techniques.

Preventing sports injuries as well. Know the best techniques of whatever sport you’re in and stay away from getting injured.


More Ideas about Sports Injuries

There are many ways for you to be able to prevent sports injuries to happen. However, just what many athletes said, if you’re already in the game, playing, your main focus is to win it. And most of the time, you tend to push yourself too hard without realizing that you might get your body into trouble.

warm up

Yet if you want to be the best player in your generation, you ought to think about your own safety. Or you’ll end up going for an early retirement. For many popular sports celebrities, injuries can be career ending. Thus, always put your own safety on top of your priority list if you wanted to play your sport longer.

If in case you get yourself into some minor sport injury like sprains, a good sport therapy is needed. Again, keep this in mind, protect yourself from injuries, don’t be lazy for a few minutes warm up, wear the right gears and know your sport and all the techniques that go with it.

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Promoting Sport

Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 in Choose Sport For You, Healthy Life Tips, Sport | Comments Off on Promoting Sport

              One of the key aims of the human society should be promoting sport and physical activity at local as well as global level. Today when children and youth spend most of their spare time in front of the screen of their computer, the importance of this isssue and its solution impose itself. Instead of playing outside, today’s children are able to spend hours and hours playing the games on the computer and watching TV. What does the society does to prevent that and to reduce the catastrophic conequences of such a lifestile? Let’s face the truth, not nearly as much as how it can and should prevent it.

Instead, media serve and promote completely different values. The value that are totaly opposite to those that sport promotes. Today we have the opportunity to see movies, TV shows, songs and other content that promote nothing but the violence, aggressiveness and victory at all cost. Where are all those values that sport teaches us? Unfortunately, they stay at the half-empty sports fields. The most important question is: who is responsible for that upheavel and for the collapse of values. To be honest, we all are responsible for that. We all share the part of it because we let it go that far and because we do nothing to stop that. We just let things happen. I guess we didn’t know that everything will go at increadible speed as it has been developed. As a result, today we are facing the rise in the number of overweight children and a wide aray of health problems that can lead to social problems. Not to mention unhealthy eating habits and food choices and lack of physical activity.

The best solution for this problem is sport promotion. This should be the main aim of the society in global. We should not forget the positive values and life lessons that only sport can teach us. Sport demonstrates values such as friendship, the importance of fair play and hard work, commotement and the culture of health competiton.

And as we all know, there are numerous positive effects of sport in creating a health lifestyle. The direct positive effects on engaging in regular sport’s activity are appearent in the prevention of lots of chronic disease such as cancer, depression, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes.

Schools and scool clubs have an important role in promoting sport and health benefits of sport. Physical education is a great way to encourage physical activity among children. Moreover, a great variety of local sports clubs will give the opportunity for every individual to choose the sport activity he is the most interested in. Furthermore, each local sommunity must focus its activities on raising the awareness of the importance of sport through the organization of different sporting events, promotional material and local media.

Finally, the society in general must promote sport and physical activity through different campaigns, recognition and rewards of sport benefit, rewarding of sporting achivement and overall physical activity support.

Sport is a blessing in itself and our only task is to show that fact to the younger generations.

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Promoting Sports, Promoting Clubs – Promoting Healthy Life

Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 in Choose Sport For You, Healthy Life Tips, Sport | Comments Off on Promoting Sports, Promoting Clubs – Promoting Healthy Life


When I say promote sports and I don’t speak about promoting a certain type of sport, I speak about promoting healthy way of life. Everyone should promote this and anyone can promote it and everyone will have benefits from that. It doesn’t matter if sport that is promoted is more physical or more mental type, people should spread words about it anyway

     When I say people I mean everybody. And there are multiple reasons for everyone to do so.

     First government should promote sport activity. And with more people turning to sports few things will happen that will be good for government and its subdivisions. Firstly, if more people enjoy some sports less, people will join gangs and more people will get involved in drugs and therefore end up committing crimes, going to prisons and being a money waste for government. Then with more and more people involved with sport activities, some of them might prove good at that. Athletes are the best ambassadors of their countries and they represent their countries in the best way.

     Local communities should promote sports too. Famous athletes have fans, and local communities profit from those things if a certain athlete comes from that community. Clubs bring a lot of money to towns and that is just another good thing from raising children that aim to be good at sports.

     And schools should promote sports first. Apart from physical activities, schools should emphasize different sports so children can have variety to choose from.


There are two ways government can invest in sport promotion. First they can build sport facilities in order to attract people to open clubs for different types of sport. And second way of sport promotion for a government is to promote and invest in clubs that are attracting young members.

     Clubs are best way for training of young people. But in order to attract people, clubs have to promote themselves. Here are few tips for people that want to promote their clubs.

Marketing is important and you should follow so called 5 P’s of marketing.

If you are in rural place, avoid internet advertisement – focus more on physical adverts.

Your aim should be young people and you should point out all traits you want clearly.

You shouldn’t try organizing clubs that had no success before. If community you are in has low tendencies for water sports, don’t try to open diving club, open a club that fits demand.

You should have a strategy that will contain following:

-a goal you want to achieve with that club (you can make your goal public, to attract more members. An example of that is if you decide that your goal is to reach national championship for juniors, by making that public and backing that up by strong and open belief that young people of your community will be able to do that, you will gather more members )

-involve other from your community, if possible professionals that made it through sports

– don’t make your club closed door type

-Communicate with other clubs and organizations that you believe can help your club

-Accept advices from experts and professionals from type of sport your club is involved, and try to invite them in regular visits to encourage your club members.

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